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Welcome to the best blog for all things eye makeup! Feel free to ask any questions or search the pages below for more

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60s Makeup <3

60s Makeup <3

Green Eyes &lt;3

Green Eyes <3

sirensingingtoshipwreck asked : You blog is so beautiful! Can you explain to me how to do perfect wing eye makeup? Or maybe you have/know a tutorial/how-to video? Thanks!!

Thank you so much :) Try THIS video - I think its pretty helpful! 

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themakeupniche asked : How do you be a successful beauty blogger? And do you promo blogs? I'm just starting out :)

I’d say keep your posts quite consistent so your followers know what they’re getting, and make your blog a subject you love so you’re on top of it and enjoying it ! I think followers like to know what is exactly they’re subscribing to, but make yours fresh and new as opposed to a copy of another blog you’ve seen. Blogs can get repetitive. Hope this helps! x

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youniquebyandrea asked : I was wondering if you have heard of Younique Cosmetics. If not, I invite you to check out my blog.

I have not. I’ll check it out ! x

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