I CANNOT stress enough how INCREDIBLE the Real Techniques brushes are !

So, I’m going to assume that people following me know about the youtube channel Pixiwoo? (link) Also known as Samantha and Nic Chapman, queens of makeup art.

These sisters have brought out her own line of brushes - real techniques and they are INCREDIBLE.

They do not shed, they’re made from good materials AND they’re affordable! It’s almost too good to be true. Once you have tried these brushes you’ll never want to use any others.

You can buy these brushes at Boots now, or any of the sites listed on their website, see HERE

Go look! Go buy! 

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Lace & Diamantes
The Floral Lid.
Cat Eyes ! 
Starry Eyed

♥ My *FAVOURITE* eyeshadows EVER ♥

So I thought I’d share with you today, my love for the classic Bourjois pot eyeshadows.

My mum has always used these eyeshadows, and certain shades can be used to double up as a blusher, highlighter AND to contour with. 

I kid you not, these eyeshadows are super smooth, long-lasting and even smell good (in my opinion!). They come in a range of gorgeous shades, and I just love love love them all!

Each Bourjois pot comes with a mirror and a handy brush!

Another eyeshadow I love by Bourjois though, is the Smoky Eyes Trio packs. Each pack comes with 3 shades of a colour to create the perfect smoky eye. Just as smooth as the classic pots, and they also come with a handy brush!

Check out my favourites below, and CLICK HERE to check out their website!


(Above) Limited Edition decorated eyeshadow pots. SO cute I want them all.


(Above) Your classic Bourjois Eyeshadow Pots. As you can see they come in a range of stunning shades. Super long lasting too. You get a LOT inside.


(Above) And finally, your Smoky Eyes Trio packs. I’ve fallen in love with 04, you know I love a brown smoky eye! 

Message me if you have any questions about these products x


My 21st circus themed birthday party! Do you like my clown look?

Ever wondered what I look like?

Haha, so I know i’ve had this blog for a while. I’m not sure i’ve ever written an about me or posted a photo though!?

So for those of you who’re feeling a bit nosey, head on over to my about me page and see what i’m all about! Or click here for a shortcut ;)