Anonymous asked:
Hi. I have been looking everywhere for the Avon Duo in Classic Neutral Medium but it has apparently been discontinued and there is no where I can buy it. Could you please recommend a dupe for the specific shades in that palate? Thanks.

Where are you from? I think I have found a few for sale in the UK after a lot of searching haha, let me know! 

This anything like what you’re looking for? x

sirensingingtoshipwreck asked:
What high-end liquid foundation would you recommend for someone with acne-prone combination skin? Sometimes it's oily and other days it's flaky and dry. ALSO, what's a good eyelid primer for oily lids to keep shadows from creasing? THANK YOU! Love your blog.

For this skin type, a high-end foundation I would recommend would definitely be ‘Designer Lift’ by Giorgio Armani beauty. It gives you full coverage, and is very long-lasting. You will only need a small amount too. This foundation is more expensive than drug-store brands, but you really get what you pay for!

Something I would like to add though, is that if you have acne-prone skin, a tinted moisturiser can sometimes be much more effective in keeping your skin smoother. Nivea tinted moisturising day cream is one of the best tinted moisturisers I have tried so far, and it leaves your skin feeling moisturised and smooth, rather than dry or sticky like some foundations on the market. 

As for eyelid primers, take a look at THIS article. I couldn’t agree more with it! 

Hope this answers your question x

dailymakeuptho asked:
Hey, just wanted to say that your blog is very inspiring, keep posting! I love it :) If you have time to check out my articles it'd be nice, I'm working really hard. Love your blog <3

Hey there, thank you so much! That’s nice to hear, keep it up! x

Anonymous asked:
Hi, what product is used for the liquid gold effect (you've got a photo on your website with golden eyebrows and eyelids)?

Hi, i’m not sure what the exact product that is. MAC Superslick Liquid Liner in the shade ‘Pure Show’ is amazing though. Would definitely recommend for recreating that look! Click here to see it.

bellarhea87 asked:
Hi There, Love your blog and just started following, im always amazed with all the eye shadow looks!!! if you don't mind id really appreciate if you could take a moment and check out my new beauty blog and possible follow back? If its not your cup of tea then so much for your time <3 BellaRhea

Of course, no problem x

sirensingingtoshipwreck asked:
You blog is so beautiful! Can you explain to me how to do perfect wing eye makeup? Or maybe you have/know a tutorial/how-to video? Thanks!!

Thank you so much :) Try THIS video - I think its pretty helpful! 

themakeupniche asked:
How do you be a successful beauty blogger? And do you promo blogs? I'm just starting out :)

I’d say keep your posts quite consistent so your followers know what they’re getting, and make your blog a subject you love so you’re on top of it and enjoying it ! I think followers like to know what is exactly they’re subscribing to, but make yours fresh and new as opposed to a copy of another blog you’ve seen. Blogs can get repetitive. Hope this helps! x

youniquebyandrea asked:
I was wondering if you have heard of Younique Cosmetics. If not, I invite you to check out my blog.

I have not. I’ll check it out ! x

bold-lips asked:
I like how risky the makeup look is, but it just looks like they didn't have the time to come up with something. It's kinda sloppy and I feel like they could have come up with something better, using the same ideA.

Thanks for answering my question! I agree! x

et-inventus-est asked:
Hey :) I was wondering if you have any ideas for what kind of eye make up I could do for New Years? I'm wearing a cobalt blue dress, and I have dark brown eyes xx

I think that something like THIS would be really nice for such as occasion. It’s a perfect evening look and will really compliment your eye colour also. (Plus, it won’t clash with your outfit!) Take a look at the brown eyes tab on my page for more inspiration too (click here). Hope this helps x

Anonymous asked:
I struggle with eye liner. Especially the wing/flick. Any tips on getting this right at all? Do you know where I could get a template/stencil at all? Thanks

If you struggle with eyeliner you can now buy eyeliner transfers/stickers! -see HERE . You’ll find them available to buy from several places online including AMAZON. An obvious but true tip though, is practice! Watch tutorials on youtube and just keep on practising :) 

darkhopesandbrightnightmares asked:
Can you recommend a good silver/grey eye shadow?

My favourite silver/grey eyeshadow currently is an “Eye Def Glitter Shadow” by Hard Candy in the shade ‘liar’. You can buy it from stores such as Walmart. To quote the website :  "Eye Def is a unique, crease-proof, stay put cream eyeshadow that delivers stunningly rich color payoff while maintaining a just-applied fresh look all day long. Designed with an oversized, elongated, angled, doe foot applicator for one easy swipe over lids. Available in gorgeous metallic shades and ultra fine glitter shades."

Anonymous asked:
I have a formal coming up soon and I've already decided on a dress I wanted to wear. Its a creamy, sequined dress and I have no clue how I would like my makeup. Please help me, what would your opinion be? xx P.S I have light blue eyes.

Hey! That sounds beautiful, and perhaps a lot like one of Lauren Conrad’s looks at a red carpet event? Take a look at THIS. I think it’d work nicely to match your eyeshadow with your dress, so like, a cream/metallic blend. The cream will really compliment your eye colour, and the added touch of metallic will mirror the sequins and be very suitable for the occasion. Any of these colours would look lovely. 

Anonymous asked:
whats the 1, 2, 3 step for applying eyeshadow

Check THIS out :) 

charmingbydesign asked:
Love, love, love your blog and re-blogging some of your pic! Any recommendations for makeup sites for applying false eyelash tutorials other than YouTube?

Thank you! Why don’t you try the Style section of eHow? There are Fashion, Makeup, Hair & Skin sections. I’ve found you a false lash application video, Click Here! That whole section is full of great tricks and tips :)